Driving Employee Productivity

Bringing HR Systems to Life

Realise real business value from your technology investment

We know your investment in HR Technology is important and demonstrated results are critical. DDG is widely recognised as a specialist in providing innovative solutions that deliver real improvement in business performance.

Our services are designed to take you from the start of the journey to a place where the Human Capital Management, Performance and Talent Management processes are self-sustaining and the business impact self-evident.

"DDG's work with us has been a genuine collaboration, a true partnership. We had an ambitious timetable and scope - and all too lean internal resourcing. DDG has tackled the task with a greatly appreciated balance of rigour and flexibility."         Chief Human Resources Officer, Arrium Mining & Materials

Improving Employee Adoption

To achieve measurable business improvement, executives need to engage employees to actively adopt the business execution systems.


DDG has designed results-driven consulting methodologies to

  • design/re-engineer critical HR processes

  • develop employee engagement and adoption plans

  • develop communication plans

  • develop customized system management and administration approaches


With over 25 years specialist experience in human resource consulting, we will guide your team in understanding process changes, identifying skill/ capabilities gaps, designing communications plans and most importantly articulating the activities and efforts required to build and sustain changes

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