You Know it .... Learning improves performance

Managing learning for your staff can be a laborious exercise

Room bookings, waitlist management, registrations, and on-line course testing are just some of the tasks that need to be managed, often in the confines of a sophisticated learning management system. 

Is this what you want your learning staff to be doing? Wouldn’t you prefer that they spend their time designing the right curricula for your staff, sourcing the best content, and driving the learning strategy of your organisation?

This is where we step in.


DDG provides outsourced learning management administration services to organisations, freeing your time and resources to focus on higher value add learning activities and initiatives.


We manage the detail of each course, and because we do it all the time, we are more efficient and achieve higher quality.

DDG’s Managed Learning Service is an ideal solution 

DDG's Learning team provides

  • additional qualified resources

  • streamlined processes 

  • best value learning and training for your budget


We manage time consuming administrative duties such as

  • learning event management

  • curriculum/course creation

  • e-learning programs

  • room bookings

  • attendance list management

  • catalog creation

  • detailed reporting and issues management


Your team will be able to spend more time concentrating on important tasks such as strategy, engaging senior management and broader learning development.

  • An increased focus on your organisational capability

  • Continuous improvement processes to enhance your learning processes

  • Clear and transparent costs for delivering learning

  • Detailed reporting to measure ROI

Make a difference to Learning in your business

"The difference with DDG Team was that it felt like the implementation project was both a professional and personal one.
The team worked incredibly hard to build strong personal relationships that I immediately felt I could trust and rely on."

                                                                           Head of Learning and Development, Wesfarmers Insurance

Learning Services

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