Maximising Performance

SuccessFactors Performance and Goals helps you keep employees focused on tasks and responsibilities that support your broader organisational strategy. It is the leading Employee Performance Management solution, providing an intuitive user experience and innovative capabilities such as Team Rater, Calibration, LegalCheck, Goal Library, and Assistants for Writing and Coaching.

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Maximising Performance


Achieve aligned, meaningful goals


​Reinforce goals everyday with intuitive updating of effort, success probability, and comments

  • Goals Library of more than 500 SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) goals provides instant recommendations

  • Reinforce goals everyday with intuitive updating of effort, success probability, and comments

  • Managers can set cascading goals and see individual, team, or company-wide progress

  • Improve compliance by providing evidence of an objective review process

Neo SmartStart

Neo designed Performance & Goals modules in SuccessFactors INCLUDING

$ 8


  • Employee Profile with Background Information sections, Organisation Chart

  • Goal Plan Template

  • Performance Management Template 

  • Goal Execution and Status Reports

  • Team Calibration template

  • Rating Scales with preconfigured scales.

  • Core Competency Library

  • SuccessFactors Libraries (more than 500 Goals and 80 Competencies)

  • Role Based Permissions with pre-defined Roles and Permissions Groups

  • Reporting with standard reports, dashboards, Ad hoc reporting

  • Continuos Feedback and Coaching

  • 360 Review Process

  • Job Description Management

  • Interactive Dynamic Reporting and Presentations

  • Configuration to your HR processes and Labels

  • Tailored Workflows and Approval Processes

  • Configured to your roles and terminology

  • 25 Service Credits per annum to continue to adapt and evolve the system to meet your changing business needs

Neo Grow

Fully Managed NeoAdapt aligned to your   HR Service delivery Objectives

$ 17


  • Full  HR Administration of your Performance Management Cycle

  • Email/Phone support for Managers, Employees and your HR team.

  • Issue resolution 

  • Quarterly Reviews of System Performance

  • Quarterly SF Release Management 

  • Regular guidance on system improvement and upgrades

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